I heart swimming

Since I’ve been backing off of running for a little while, I’ve started swimming again. I went once last week, and I’m going to see if I can go twice this week. It’s a great workout, and I feel like a rock star after my workout. Okay, I feel like a rock star anytime I work out lately. Ha! And I’ve run a few times since my last blog post. I feel like I’m going to keel over after I run, but that’s just fine. It’s how it goes. Work is still super busy and time consuming, which doesn’t help my exercise endeavors. But I’m still practicing yoga. Love. It. 🙂 I have a class tomorrow, and it should be great.

Question, though, what do you do to become and stay motivated? I’m having such a hard time, and just signing up for a race doesn’t motivate me enough. Also, what to you do to keep what you eat in check. I’m making some bad dietary choices lately because of how much I work. So, tell me, what’s your secret? 🙂

Yeah, I’m a machine

I’m having one of those days when I keep trying to write something, but nothing sounds good. Not like I should care that it does, but whatever.

themoreyoudream-MPThis past week of workouts was great and very varied (ha!). I ran, rode the spin bike, and did some yoga. It was just great. I’m loving cross training right now! And, oddly enough, I’m not stressed out about my half marathon in 6 short weeks. I’ve magically changed my outlook and care more about my overall health and long-term fitness goals. So that means that, though I care about the race and I plan on doing well, I’m thinking about the long term. It sure does help to change perspective sometimes.

In other news, I ran a 5k on Saturday, and I plan on recapping it soon, but, dare I say it, it was easy (which probably means I could have run faster). AND I ran 3 more miles later in the day to get my mileage in. Fantastic.

To sum up,  I’m a workout machine . . . and I love it! New activity for the week: swimming!


What are your favorite cross training activities?

I’m back.

Well, after I twisted my ankle, I ran/exercised a handful of times before the end of the year. It sucks sometimes what injuries do to you, doesn’t it. This one made me just plain lazy, and since it was the holidays, I thought it totally necessary to gorge myself on holiday yumminess. So, all my progress went practically out the window.

Anyway, I’ve pulled myself away from my sugary treats for the most part, and I’ve started a couch to 5k running plan so I can get into the habit of running again. I started week 1 on Saturday and finished it today. I really think it will help me get into running shape without overdoing it and putting tons of strain on my weak ankles. I am also signing up for a fitness program at our local university. It’s a great program that I’ve done before. It provides some great cross-training and will help with getting more cardio. I’m also going to start lifting at the college’s gym. It’s really cheap per semester, and since I’m an alumna, I can still join. Yesssss. Oh, and lets not forget that I’m a co-chair of my church’s women’s fitness group.

Thank goodness I love working out, or this might be overkill.

Did I mention I’m overhauling my diet too? No, I’m not dieting, but I am making better food choices. In fact, here’s a great article from Harvard about our daily nutrition. It outlines 10 tips for healthier eating and has links to other parts of the site.

Happy 2012!


p.s. I’m running the AF Canyon Half Marathon on June 23, 2012. Very excited!