Me and The Engineer in 2011

Welcome to my blog! I’m Whitney, and I love french fries! I think I could eat french fries every day and not get tired of them. Seriously. I’m here to document my fitness, travels, and life–with all its ups and downs. I love to run, swim, bike, and practice yoga–and I love to coach running and try to get everyone sucked into triathlon. I also love to try new foods, laugh a lot, shop for fitness gear, and spend time with friends and family.

My Fitness Story

One-Legged Downward-Facing Dog PoseI was an athlete in high school. I played basketball and volleyball, ran track (and threw the shot put and discus), and dabbled in tennis and softball. I played a little bit of basketball in college and let my fitness decrease . . . a lot. Then I started running to relieve the stresses of college life. I found I didn’t hate it, and ran my first race ever, a 5k in 2007. Then I got lazy and really didn’t want to exercise. A few years–yes, years–later, I started doing fitness classes including yoga and Zumba. Then I stopped . . . again. Completely lost my fitness mojo.

My first trail race
My first trail race

At some point, I remembered how much I liked running and finally decided that it’s either start running again or be a lazy couch potato. I chose to run–and have since completed 8 half marathons, countless 5ks and 10ks, a few triathlons (including a half Ironman), and the  2015 Dumbo Double Dare challenge. Right now I’m training for another half Ironman. I just finished Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa and LOVED IT! AAAND I’ll be embarking on my first full Ironman in 2018! (Phew, it’s scary typing that!)

I also practice yoga regularly (and LOVE it) and hopefully will be taking part in yoga teacher training soon. And I aim to be a personal trainer.

My Travel Story

Growing up, my family would take good old-fashioned road trips. I vividly remember my first trip to Disneyland when I was 7, not to mention the time the air conditioning went out in our trusty van in the middle of an Arizona summer. I also often went to Dallas with my parents in my teens, and when I turned 17, we traveled to New Orleans. I’ve also moved across the country twice, and have enjoyed the sights along the way. All those trips sparked my love for travel, and I’ve had the bug ever since.

At the Tower of London, ready to see the Crown Jewels
At the Tower of London, ready to see the Crown Jewels

Now, many years later, my husband and I enjoy visiting new places together and experiencing what those destinations have to offer. We’ve mainly only traveled within the United States (Oahu, Kansas City, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.), but we have recently been expanding our world beyond those borders with an epic trip to Germany and England, and now we’re planning a trip to Spain (and hopefully Italy) this summer. Join us in our travels!



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