The Search: The Smoking Apple

I think I’m getting closer to finding the best fries on the planet . . . really. We’ve been to the Smoking Apple (a local restaurant–sorry to those of you who don’t live in my neck of the woods) a couple of times, and, let me tell ya–the food is excellent. Everything we’ve tried has been delicious, but I think I might have found two of the best french fry flavors . . . EVER!

The Philly cheese steak sandwich ain't bad either!
The Philly cheese steak sandwich ain’t bad either!

The Smoking Apple offers a two-flavor option for the fries: half regular and half sweet potato. Both of them were delicious. The regular fries were crunchy with a soft center and were dipped in a great batter. The sweet potato fries had a brown sugar topping on them that really brought out the flavor of the sweet potatoes. Everything was so tasty (much better than that other place, so if you’re ever in town, check them out!

As always, if you know of any great fries I should try, shoot me a  message!

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The Search: Johnny Rockets

Johnny RocketsRight before the holiday, the Engineer and I had the misfortune of eating at Johnny Rockets. It was the only restaurant at the the outlet mall that we went to, so we figured why not go there for dinner? The burgers were okay–nothing special, but not bad.

Just. . . . blah
Just. . . . blah

The fries, however, were the least remarkable of all. They had good texture but no flavor at all– even with salt. They were a bit better with ranch or ketchup, but still not my favorite. They are definitely not in the running for Best Fries on the Planet. Not even close.


The Search: Burgers Supreme


The search for the best fries on the planet continues with . . .  Burgers Supreme, a local restaurant ’round these parts. Burgers Supreme offers just regular fries–and perhaps chili cheese fries, but I’m not sure.

We love to go to Burgers Supreme for their gyros (I know, that’s a little weird, but they have pretty much the best gyros ever!). Their fries are always perfectly cooked, perfectly crunchy, and never cold. They’re wonderfully crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I wouldn’t mind these fries any day. Still not sure if they’re the best but definitely a favorite.

Bottom line: Great! I wouldn’t go to Burgers Supreme without getting them (or a gyro, for that matter).

Any suggestions as to where I try next?