I heart swimming

Since I’ve been backing off of running for a little while, I’ve started swimming again. I went once last week, and I’m going to see if I can go twice this week. It’s a great workout, and I feel like a rock star after my workout. Okay, I feel like a rock star anytime I work out lately. Ha! And I’ve run a few times since my last blog post. I feel like I’m going to keel over after I run, but that’s just fine. It’s how it goes. Work is still super busy and time consuming, which doesn’t help my exercise endeavors. But I’m still practicing yoga. Love. It. 🙂 I have a class tomorrow, and it should be great.

Question, though, what do you do to become and stay motivated? I’m having such a hard time, and just signing up for a race doesn’t motivate me enough. Also, what to you do to keep what you eat in check. I’m making some bad dietary choices lately because of how much I work. So, tell me, what’s your secret? 🙂

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