What Is This “Running” You Speak Of?

Yes, it’s true. I barely remember what running is anymore. I haven’t run for about 3 weeks–and then only like 5 times in the month before that. Don’t worry (not like you would); I’m not breaking up with running. 🙂 But I am working on strength training. With all the problems with my feet, I decided to ease back into running since my last half marathon. Actually, my first soiree with running after all this time is tomorrow. I think I’ll run about 2 miles and then slowly increase my mileage and time from there. I just really don’t want to hurt myself again.

I have been consistently doing yoga, though, and I’m feeling increased strength and flexibility. And my arms are actually toning up. I’m stoked about that.  I think it’s all the downward-facing dogs we do in my yoga class. Funny how that pose used to be so hard for me, and now it’s a rest pose. 🙂 I love seeing improvement! Here’s a great video on how to do downward-facing dog correctly:

From Yoga with Adriene (YouTube channel)

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