June Favorites

Five Things

Below are five things I’m loving lately for June:

1. Floral design
I have recently done all the flowers for two weddings, which I think turned out great! See my Instagram for photos. ūüôā

2. Yoga
Honestly this isn’t surprising, but I’m making progress and it feels great! I hope to have more yoga posts up soon!

3. Fluffy romance novels
I do love to read intense nonfiction and more serious novels, but I also love fluffy YA romances. Currently I’m reading Lola and the Boy Next Door. Have you read it?

4. Training
I’m currently training for the Dumbo Double Dare and a marathon, but I’m being more cautious this time. Slow and steady progress is key for me, and I’m doing great. I’m throwing in swimming, biking, pump, and yoga for cross training, and it’s working out great! …and I’m thinking about doing another triathlon!! What do you like to do for cross training?

5. Ironman YouTube videos
My long-term goal is to complete an Ironman triathlon, so I’ve been pumping myself up by watching the recap videos from this and last year’s race series. I’m also watching videos highlighting the many awesome women in the sport. Super inspiring. I can’t wait for the day when I hear, “You. Are. An. Ironman!”

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What are you loving lately?


Strike a [Yoga] Pose: Downward-Facing Dog

In honor of my awesome adaptive/gentle/restorative yoga class that I’ll be taking today, I thought I’d shine a spotlight¬†on everyone’s favorite pose, downward-facing dog (Sanskrit:¬†Adho Mukha Svanasana). No matter what type of yoga class you take (or if you practice at home), you will run into this resting posture. Yes, it really is a resting posture, even though at first it seems like the hardest pose¬†ever! Thankfully it does get easier as strength improves.

I really like this pose because you can modify it in several different ways, like deeply bending your knees or placing your knees on the mat for puppy pose, for example. You can also further work on your strength by placing both forearms on the ground for dolphin pose, or raise a leg for one-legged downward-facing dog (Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana).

Strike a Yoga Pose: Downward-Facing Dog | FrenchFryRunner.com
Getting better at the One-Legged Variation


According to Yoga Journal, this asana has quite a few benefits, from being energizing to improving digestion. I have a Kino MacGregor video that shows how to do this foundational pose.

Other Resources about Bridge/Wheel Pose

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Does downward-facing dog make you feel energized?

Do you prefer to modify this pose? How?


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Week in Review: February 9-15

Well, hello there! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Hope Valentine’s Day (or Saturday) was great for you. I’m back again with my week in review.

Workouts in Review

Here’s the rundown for the week:

Monday: 1-hour yoga, 38 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: total of 40 minutes strength, cardio, and yoga

Wednesday: 1-hour yoga class, 35-minute run, 30-minute walk

Thursday:¬†honestly I don’t remember

Friday:¬†30-minute morning yoga practice at home–and a 2-hour yoga workshop (1 hour of alignment and 1 hour Ashatanga)

Saturday:¬†Chasing Cupid 5K¬† (ran it in 30:45; week four¬†of Jeff Galloway’s half marathon training plan. It called for 2.5 miles, but I had the 5K)

Sunday: Rest

What I’m Most Proud Of

Two things: (1) I ran a solid 5K on Saturday. It was a great race on a great course. (2) I attended a kick-asana yoga workshop on Friday and learned a lot/improved. AND while there, I got into/held crow pose. I’m getting stronger! Yesssss.

Where I Fell Short

I didn’t write down what I did on Thursday. Journaling fail.


This week’s runs were great. The whole “run slow to go fast” is really working!

 Thought for the Week Ahead

Do more of what makes you happy.

Let’s be happy this week!

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What makes you happy?

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?