Strike a {Yoga} Pose: Tree Pose

It seems we have been focusing balance sequences in my yoga classes. One of my favorite balance poses is tree pose (or Vrksasana). I had a bit of a breakthrough in my last yoga class. We were facing away from the mirrors in the room the during whole class so we could focus inward and just be in our practice instead of being critical of ourselves–which I loved. I was able to go further in this pose than I ever have. Great moment for me. My favorite is to get into the pose with my hands at heart center and then raise my arms and spread out my arms and fingers. This brings joy to my practice.

the beauty of yoga

The beauty of any pose in yoga is that you can be where you are. You can keep your toes on the floor, place your foot on the opposite calf or thigh or even cross your foot over the top. (I hope I’m making sense.) Check out the video below to learn this joyful pose:

Video by Yoga with Adriene. Find her on YouTube.

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    1. I’m more flexible on one side than the other! It’s totally natural and makes us want to improve, though, right? 🙂 Although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do some of the poses until I’ve been practicing years and years.

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