Yeah, I’m a machine

I’m having one of those days when I keep trying to write something, but nothing sounds good. Not like I should care that it does, but whatever.

themoreyoudream-MP This past week of workouts was great and very varied (ha!). I ran, rode the spin bike, and did some yoga. It was just great. I’m loving cross training right now! And, oddly enough, I’m not stressed out about my half marathon in 6 short weeks. I’ve magically changed my outlook and care more about my overall health and long-term fitness goals. So that means that, though I care about the race and I plan on doing well, I’m thinking about the long term. It sure does help to change perspective sometimes.

In other news, I ran a 5k on Saturday, and I plan on recapping it soon, but, dare I say it, it was easy (which probably means I could have run faster). AND I ran 3 more miles later in the day to get my mileage in. Fantastic.

To sum up,  I’m a workout machine . . . and I love it! New activity for the week: swimming!


What are your favorite cross training activities?

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