What Is This “Running” You Speak Of?

Yes, it’s true. I barely remember what running is anymore. I haven’t run for about 3 weeks–and then only like 5 times in the month before that. Don’t worry (not like you would); I’m not breaking up with running. 🙂 But I am working on strength training. With all the problems with my feet, I decided to ease back into running since my last half marathon. Actually, my first soiree with running after all this time is tomorrow. I think I’ll run about 2 miles and then slowly increase my mileage and time from there. I just really don’t want to hurt myself again.

I have been consistently doing yoga, though, and I’m feeling increased strength and flexibility. And my arms are actually toning up. I’m stoked about that.  I think it’s all the downward-facing dogs we do in my yoga class. Funny how that pose used to be so hard for me, and now it’s a rest pose. 🙂 I love seeing improvement! Here’s a great video on how to do downward-facing dog correctly:

From Yoga with Adriene (YouTube channel)

Work happens . . . so does yoga

I’ve been so busy at work lately that I haven’t had time/desire/energy to write. Sorry, guys! I’d say that I’ll do better, but only time will tell. I can tell you, though, that I love resting. 🙂 I was really hurting after my last half marathon (yes, I’ll get around to posting a recap), so I’ve basically taken a month off running, besides the 5k Color Run I did a couple weeks ago.

Have I also mentioned how much I love yoga? Yes? Well, I have to tell you again: I love it. 🙂 I love how great I feel after a practice. I feel strong and flexible, and I have better posture. It’s definitely awesome for someone with a desk job. Give it a try. I’ve posted a few videos for you (here and here) so you have a jumping-off point. And, if you do have a desk job, you can even do it at work! Here’s a great yoga sequence you can do at your desk (click on the picture or click here for more information). Don’t forget to breathe!

from yogarelieftips.com

Anyway, look for more posts from me–and a review of some great socks–coming soon!