Wow, yoga’s hard

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Well, when you haven’t done it in a few weeks, you realize how inflexible you are. And by you, I mean me. I went to yoga class on Tuesday, and the class was great, but I was so stiff! I ran a half marathon on July 13, and, honestly, I haven’t really done anything since then, hence the stiffness. AND I reinjured my foot, so that doesn’t help. And life happens. You know how it goes . . . I’m refocusing, starting with a more consistent yoga practice and working up from there.

Anyway, I had a great experience on Tuesday. While practicing the asanas, I realized that I am really happy doing yoga–really happy. And that’s why I’m going back. And that’s what keeps me sane.


Journaling, Running, and More Yoga

I used to love writing in my journal. I probably have a half-dozen filled journals–most of them from the drama that was high school. It’s always interesting to me to go back and remember the good ol’ days. (“I heart so-and-so!”; “Being a teenager’s hard!”)

Anyway, I’m telling you this because I’ve started writing down my workouts in a lovely little number from Walmart. It’s really awesome to go through it and see everything that I’ve been doing to stay  active, and it makes me just feel good about myself. I’d you don’t keep a journal or a log or anything of your workouts, I totally recommend it.

So, according to my journal last week, here are my stats:

  • Monday: 55-minute yoga class; 10 minutes bedtime yoga stretches
  • Tuesday: 2.2 miles, comfortably; 15 minutes yoga before bed (here’s a great sequence); 2:05 plank for #plankaday
  • Wednesday: 45-minute yoga class (normally 55, but our instructor was late)
  • Thursday: 2 miles, hardish pace with some pickups; short yoga practice after running to stretch; 2:10 plank.
  •  Friday: Some stretching; 2:15 plank
  • Saturday: 5.17-mile long run

And there you go, my week of workouts. Good stuff, eh? Did I tell you how much I’m loving yoga? Try it. And if you don’t know where to start, check out This site has hundreds of free HD yoga videos available to stream to your computer or other device. Totally awesome and very well done.

Gettin’ My Om On


Can I just tell you how much I love yoga? If any of you follow my on Twitter or on Pinterest, I’m sure you sensed a theme. Well, it’s no surprise to me that I’m not terribly flexible and can’t do most of the harder poses, but I’m addicted. Yoga for me–even at 6 in the morning–brings some level of serenity and strength to my life. It’s great. Running brings those things with it too at some level, but there’s something about the noncompetitive nature of yoga that appeals to me. And of course it will help with my running. And my goal to keep from getting injured this year.

In other news, I’m still running and have started my training for my first half marathon of the year, which is in April. It’ll be great, seeing as I just want to run for fun. I’ve also started the #plankaday challenge on Twitter. So good!

I also have a 5K next weekend, which should be fun. I’m running with my Blister Sisters! Go us! We rock!

Also, if you noticed, I’m now a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I’ll fill you in soon on what that entails. And I have a fun giveaway coming up! So much awesome. Phew.

So much news!

So if you’re thinking about trying yoga, do it! It’s awesome.