Five Tips for Getting Back on Track . . . After Slacking Off

Sorry about my little hiatus! Life just gets in the way sometimes, and I end up neglecting the blog. I’ve actually been out of town/sick/too busy with work these past couple weeks, but I’m back for now!

To mirror how neglectful I’ve been with the blog lately, I’ve also been a slacker with exercise. Gasp. I know. I’ve only averaged about three workouts a week for the past few weeks–when I have been doing six per week since December. I admit I feel guilty and sluggish and unmotivated, but you know what? I’m acknowledging it and moving on. (Disclaimer: This is what I call slacking off for me. Remember, we are all different.) Sometimes it’s okay to slack off. Yes, it is. In the past, I would let this go on for months (which is not okay), but I’m past that part of my life, and it’s easier to get back on the right track.

5 Tips for Getting Back on Track |

So, in celebration of taking breaks, I’m sharing five tips for getting back on track that definitely help me:

  1. Start small. You will not be able to run as fast or lift as much as you were before your break. This is okay. Acknowledge it and honor your time off. You can backtrack a couple weeks on your running training plan or lift a little lighter to ease back into your fitness routine. Maybe you add another day of exercise in during the week. Maybe you eat a few less calories. If you took longer than a couple weeks off, you might feel like you’ve never worked out before. This is also okay. Take it slow. Work from where you are.
  2. Set a goal. Sign up for a race or book a fitness class. Money spent might be enough of a motivation to get back into your routine. I know this works for me most of the time. Sometimes just setting a goal of being able to run 30 minutes straight or doing the whole leg track in BodyPump is enough. Set a goal you know you can accomplish, then set smaller goals along the way.
  3. Document your progress. Blog about it. Write it down in your journal. Whatever. Make sure you document your progress. It’s always fun to go back and see how far you’ve come instead of how far you have to go.
  4. Get a buddy. If possible, work out with a friend and set a similar goal. Commiserate together. Have fun. Stay motivated. It’s a lot easier to make it to a 6:00 a.m. workout when someone’s waiting on you.
  5. Try something new. Maybe running isn’t your jive anymore. Maybe you hate cycling. Try something new and give it a chance. You might find something you love. Just keep moving!
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For me, I’m redoing a couple weeks on my half marathon plan and trying to make it to my pump and yoga classes. I’ve been running less, and I’m not okay with that . . . We all struggle, and sometimes it’s hard to realize that when all you read about it how awesome and fit everyone is. 🙂 Remember, we don’t always get the full story. We’re all just normal people trying to do extraordinary things. And we can do them as long as we work for it–and be okay with taking breaks sometimes.

What do you do to get back on track?

Any fun weekend plans?

Any Third Rock from the Sun fans? I’ve been watching it on Netflix and love it. I watched it when I was a kid, but it’s a whole lot funnier now. Imagine that.



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    1. Thanks! That first workout is definitely tough for me too! I guess I’m always afraid of how out of shape I am! After that, it’s all okay! 🙂

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