Motivation and the Movies

Motivation and the Movies: 5 Movies to Motivate and Inspire | FrenchFryRunner.comI’ve always been into sports and played organized sports from elementary school through high school–and a bit in college. Because of this, I’ve always enjoyed sports movies. They motivate me to be better, to come from behind, to go to the Olympics! Okay, so that last one probably will never happen, but maybe I can do one more push-up or drag myself out of bed in the morning to exercise. Or maybe I can pick myself up after faceplanting at yet another attempt at crow pose. I picked out a few of my favorite sports movies that have motivated me, and I hope you like them too.




  • MiracleWhen Mike Eruzione said that he played for the USA and not his college team, I teared up. At that moment, you knew the team would come together and become champions.
  • Cool Runnings. Sure, the Jamaican Bobsled Team didn’t win the event, but the fact that they picked up their bobsled and finished the race after it fell apart shows great pride and courage.

  • Rudy. After years of hard work, Rudy finally made it into a game. What a lesson of perseverance!

  • Hoosiers. What a classic. Nuff said.

  • A League of Their OwnI love Dottie Henson. And this scene is one of my favorites. She just has the nonchalant air of someone who knows she’s good but isn’t a snob about it. Haha. I want to be better because of her.

I’m also highly motivated by words and quotes. Here’s one of my favorites:

what lies within us--Emerson

We have so much untapped potential inside ourselves, and we need to unleash that potential every day. We can do it; I know we can. 🙂

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What’s your favorite movie? Mine’s actually My Fair Lady.

What’s your favorite quote?


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14 thoughts on “Motivation and the Movies

  1. AHHHH! Such awesome choices here! I loved Cool Runnings, and A League of Their Own was amazing! Dottie was awesome! <3 I'm adding the others to my to-watch list! :]

    1. A League of Their Own never gets old for me. It’s the best. And Cool Runnings is just a classic. Disney certainly knows how to make motivating sports movies. 🙂

    1. I LOVE Rudy. It’s one of my favorites and definitely motivates me. I’m so glad your son’s so driven! That must be so fun for you. 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. Race clips are great. I love watching clips of the Olympics or Ironman World Championships for motivation. So inspiring. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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