Week in Review: February 16-22

This week was crazy! I had stuff going on all week, so it was hard to get some of my workouts in–work, edits for a cookbook I’m coauthor for (more on that soon), etc. How was your week?

Workouts in Review

Here’s the rundown for the week:

Monday: ~30-minute yoga practice with Yoga with Adriene’s 30-Day Challenge (day 2)

Tuesday: 10 minutes StairClimber; 1-hour Pilates; 25-minute treadmill run (intervals); ~25 minute yoga practice with Adriene again (day 3)

Wednesday: 1-hour restorative yoga class, 30-minute treadmill run

Thursday: 1-hour pump class

Friday: Rest (a ton of walking around, running errands, though!)

Saturday: 7.07 miles (Week five of Jeff Galloway’s half marathon training plan. Did an awesome point-to-point route on our local river trail. The plan called for 6.5 miles, so I ran that and then walked the extra half mile home.)

Legs Up the Wall | FrenchFryRunner.com
Legs up the wall after my long run. Love this restorative pose!


Sunday: Rest


Saturday’s long run was pretty great. I got a little tired, but my fueling and hydrating were on target. (AND that’s the farthest I’ve run in over a year. Sad but true.)

Things to Work On

My long run took place around 1:00 p.m. because I had to work in the morning, which doesn’t normally happen. So, I need to make sure not to overschedule my workload and get out there earlier. Running in the afternoon is not my favorite.

 Thought for the Week Ahead

Be stronger than your excuses.

Let’s be strong and not make excuses this week!

Don’t forget to visit Jesica’s blog and check out her weekly update post and other linked-up posts. I’m also linking up with Tara from Running ‘n’ Reading for her Weekend Update link-up.

How was your long run?

What’s your favorite post-workout snack?





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