Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat Review

I began my yoga practice using the loaner mats at the gym/studio/thing, and who knows how dirty those things are–and the amount of antibacterial stuff on them probably wasn’t too healthy. And they were thin and slippery. I used those mats for a while until I felt I would continue with yoga. Then it was time for me to get my own mat. I wanted to get one that was reasonably priced, would last, and came from a company with a good reputation. I researched for days and finally found the one.

Enter the Manduka PROLite. After some breaking in, it is awesome! Some people point out the breaking-in/initial slipperiness as a con, but it didn’t take long to break it in; and I think it helps out the performance, being “grippy” in the right places for me (if that makes sense). And it’s a great color (and comes in great colors), feels durable, is firm but supportive (no ankle-rolling for me!), and has an awesome no-pore surface–which will not trap bacteria and makes it easier to clean. I know it will last, and Manduka guarantees its mats–and they have a recycling kit for them. Pretty cool!

So if you’re looking for a good mat, and one that won’t totally break the bank, consider the Manduka PROlite, which is available on Manduka’s website and on Amazon.

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