Pinned It; Tried It: 30-Minute Resistance Band Workout

I’m sure you’ve seen this resistance band workout on Pinterest. Well, today I tried it, and it was alright. It works all the major muscle groups and works up a sweat. It’s a good workout to introduce strength training to your workout regimen without spending a ton of time at the gym. But, really, it wasn’t my thing. Maybe I’m just resistance-band-challenged. I did love the squats and bent-over rows.

From the original site:

Rock out with the band! Resistance bands are a great addition to any strength training routine or rehabilitation program and come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and strengths. This portable exercise equipment is also easily stored, making it perfect for home use, hotel workouts, or when you’re tight on space at the gym.

Try it and see what you think. For more resistance band exercises, check out this link.



I’m not affiliated with–but I sure love their workouts and wanted to share one with you!

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