Freedom Run 10k Recap

I ran the Freedom Run 10k on July 4, and, boy, was it humid! It was the first time I ran the 10k event for this race, so that was pretty cool. A lot fewer people were running the 10k than the 5k, which I thought was kind of nice; it wasn’t too crowded. The 10k followed a bit of the same route as the 5k as well as some of the Fourth of July parade route. There were a few long uphill parts and a sweet downhill near the beginning. I think I ran an okay race. It was really warm, and I definitely wore too many clothes. I wore the race’s shirt, which was white, so I wore a tank top underneath to prevent any show-through, so two top layers. Then I wore capris and a sparkle skirt. Oh, and a hat. Like I said–too many clothes. Ha! Sweat is sexy, right? No? Well, fine. 🙂

I’m also definitely not in the greatest shape–I mean I’m in shape but not in racing shape. My time was even slower than my last 10k (1:07:39). I think I’ve burned out a bit from training for longer races. I’m planning on scaling back a little and running shorter races for the rest of the year (maybe 5k’s and 10k’s) And, well, at my half marathon yesterday (recap coming soon) I had a major plantar fasciitis flare-up, which I think will sideline me a couple of weeks from running. Yay for swimming and yoga!

Anyway, the race was good, though they ran out of the finishers’ swag at the end. They were handing out really nice water bottles, and they ran out right before I finished–and then they ran out of finisher medals a little while after I got mine. I really wanted the water bottle! And I really feel bad for the people who finished after me–in the 5k and the 10k. The organization was a little off this time around, and the race is a little pricey, so I don’t think I or the Engineer will run it again. We’ll find another race on the Fourth.

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