Workouts and French Fries

So last week’s workouts were awesome. I definitely feel more fit and focused–which is exactly how I’ve wanted to feel for a long time.

Sunday: Off

Monday: Easy run on the treadmill for 2.55 miles. I’m liking the whole “don’t push yourself too hard during workouts that aren’t intervals or tempo runs” thing. (Haha, you know what I mean!)

Tuesday: AM—My first spin class! I was feeling a bit wonky because I only had room temp water to drink, but it was definitely a great workout. I really like spin. PM—Yoga. Loved it as always. It’s nice to feel flexible. 🙂 Then I walked home about .6 miles.

Wednesday: Some crunches. I fully intended to do 30-Day Shred, but obviously that didn’t happen. I think I needed a rest from Monday’s and Tuesday’s workouts.

Thursday: I didn’t wake up early enough to run before work, so I took a yoga class in the evening and followed it up with 3.5 miles of running. I did a “Run through Germany” program on the treadmill (super high-tech one), and it was kind of hard and fun. Then I walked home.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Swimming lessons! I’m not as terrible at freestyle as I thought. I suck at breast stroke (I’d never done it before). Swimming was really fun, actually, and I look forward to more time in the pool. Swimming lessons were an hour, then I swam some laps after for about 20-30 minutes. Good stuff.

I also had some delicious french fries on Saturday at a local burger place called JCW’s. They might be worth a “Search” post soon. I need to find more great places. Any suggestions?

Did you have a good workout week?

What are your favorite forms of cross training?

Journaling, Running, and More Yoga

I used to love writing in my journal. I probably have a half-dozen filled journals–most of them from the drama that was high school. It’s always interesting to me to go back and remember the good ol’ days. (“I heart so-and-so!”; “Being a teenager’s hard!”)

Anyway, I’m telling you this because I’ve started writing down my workouts in a lovely little number from Walmart. It’s really awesome to go through it and see everything that I’ve been doing to stay  active, and it makes me just feel good about myself. I’d you don’t keep a journal or a log or anything of your workouts, I totally recommend it.

So, according to my journal last week, here are my stats:

  • Monday: 55-minute yoga class; 10 minutes bedtime yoga stretches
  • Tuesday: 2.2 miles, comfortably; 15 minutes yoga before bed (here’s a great sequence); 2:05 plank for #plankaday
  • Wednesday: 45-minute yoga class (normally 55, but our instructor was late)
  • Thursday: 2 miles, hardish pace with some pickups; short yoga practice after running to stretch; 2:10 plank.
  •  Friday: Some stretching; 2:15 plank
  • Saturday: 5.17-mile long run

And there you go, my week of workouts. Good stuff, eh? Did I tell you how much I’m loving yoga? Try it. And if you don’t know where to start, check out This site has hundreds of free HD yoga videos available to stream to your computer or other device. Totally awesome and very well done.