Workouts and French Fries

So last week’s workouts were awesome. I definitely feel more fit and focused–which is exactly how I’ve wanted to feel for a long time.

Sunday: Off

Monday: Easy run on the treadmill for 2.55 miles. I’m liking the whole “don’t push yourself too hard during workouts that aren’t intervals or tempo runs” thing. (Haha, you know what I mean!)

Tuesday: AM—My first spin class! I was feeling a bit wonky because I only had room temp water to drink, but it was definitely a great workout. I really like spin. PM—Yoga. Loved it as always. It’s nice to feel flexible. 🙂 Then I walked home about .6 miles.

Wednesday: Some crunches. I fully intended to do 30-Day Shred, but obviously that didn’t happen. I think I needed a rest from Monday’s and Tuesday’s workouts.

Thursday: I didn’t wake up early enough to run before work, so I took a yoga class in the evening and followed it up with 3.5 miles of running. I did a “Run through Germany” program on the treadmill (super high-tech one), and it was kind of hard and fun. Then I walked home.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Swimming lessons! I’m not as terrible at freestyle as I thought. I suck at breast stroke (I’d never done it before). Swimming was really fun, actually, and I look forward to more time in the pool. Swimming lessons were an hour, then I swam some laps after for about 20-30 minutes. Good stuff.

I also had some delicious french fries on Saturday at a local burger place called JCW’s. They might be worth a “Search” post soon. I need to find more great places. Any suggestions?

Did you have a good workout week?

What are your favorite forms of cross training?

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