Conversations with Fitness Non-Enthusiasts: This Is the Best Game EVER!


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. . . but some people don’t feel that way. For me, my fitness habits are a way for me to become the best I can be. I feel the most confident and powerful when I’m working out, eating right, and seeing results. But, again, some people don’t feel that way and don’t understand why I do the things I do. As fitness enthusiasts, sometimes it’s hard for us to believe that others don’t feel the same way about running/yoga/pump/weightlifting/swimming/cycling as we do. So how do we cope with people who don’t see fitness and health in the same light? Here are a few tips to combat any negativity and be encouraging without being annoying to others.

  1. Don’t apologize for your healthy habits. Stick to your guns. The people that matter will be supportive, and that’s what counts. Don’t stop doing your thing to conform to others’ opinions.
  2. Don’t be annoying. Try to be more conscious of how you’re coming off to others with your enthusiasm. Don’t apologize (see above), but if you’re sensing that others are finding you annoying, find other things to talk about. Surely you like other things. 🙂
  3. Don’t criticize others, even if they criticize you. Agree to disagree. Don’t take the bait when someone provokes you. Stand your ground, but don’t escalate matters.
  4. Be encouraging. When someone says, “Oh, I could never do that,” try to relate to the person: “I totally know what you mean!” “You’re right. It is hard at first, but if you just stick with it . . .” Encourage others to find something they love, which is not necessarily what you might love. Accept that and be encouraging anyway.
  5. Be supportive. When a friend or family member sets a goal, be their biggest cheerleader, no matter what that goal is. We are the most vulnerable when we begin working toward a goal, and that’s when we need the most support. Be the one who provides that support.
  6. Be real. Admit that sometimes exercising is hard, that you like to eat those amazing red velvet Oreos by the sleeve sometimes (hopefully not), that you fail sometimes. But record your triumphs, no matter how small. Being yourself will plant a seed, and someday, because of you, others will follow your example.

All of these tips are similar, but it comes down to this: keep doing what you’re doing and be awesome.

What’s your favorite Oreo flavor?

How do you motivate others?


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