Weekly Recap

I’m really not very good at recap posts, but I’m going to try. Please enjoy my attempts at being consistent.

Monday: Still had very stiff legs from my half, so no running for me. I did hobble around a lot though. Score.

Tuesday: A little less hobbling. I’m really going to have to try an ice bath to speed up recovery. It’s no fun to walk around so sore all the time.

Wednesday: Normal rest day.

Thursday: First run after recovering–2.5 fairly quick miles. This was also November 1 and my first miles of the Pile on the Miles challenge. Woot!

Friday: Another rest day.

Saturday: 3.1 quick miles. Felt good. No stiffness or anything, but my foot was starting to annoy me just a tad.

Sunday: Rest day.

Total for the week: 5.6 nearly pain-free miles. I’m making progress! I can’t wait until I can bump up the mileage again.

Anyway, I’m finding out that running 3 days a week works really well for me and I think will help me to keep from getting injured in the long run. Right now, though, running is all I’m doing for exercise, and that has to change soon. I’m planning on signing up for some classes at the university here to incorporate more cross training. Zumba and Pilates, here I come!

In other news . . .

So I know that many of you are concerned for those affected by Sandy and wondering what you can do to help. Well, there are a couple of virtual-race fundraisers going on that you might be interested in.


Virtual Run for Hurricane Sandy Recovery, hosted by Lora at Crazy Running Girl.

I’m planning on doing at least one. This is a great way to do a small part in helping those in need. Even if you can’t give a lot, anything would definitely help.

Help if you can and run for a good cause. 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to tackle Monday!


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