Running with the Cows

Today was the first day this week that I went running, and I really needed it. It’s been really crazy at work–actually extremely crazy. I guess in publishing you just can’t get away from the deadlines, but to me it seems I can run away for a little while and feel a lot better afterward. I ran 4 miles with an overall pace faster than average, which is awesome because it means that I’m getting better and–more important–that my foot’s getting better (and I’m well on my way to meeting my POTM goal). Because this route (and my place of work) is in the country, I got to run next to a herd of cows. Okay, so they weren’t running (do cows “run”?), and I was running past them, and they were in a field, and I was on the road next to the field . . . but it was still kind of fun. I didn’t take any pictures, but to give you an idea of what a cow looks like . . .

Moo . . . (source)

In other news, I’m thinking about running the Canyonlands Half Marathon in March. There’s a lottery entry, but two of my friends have guaranteed entry, and I want to run with them. Sigh. We’ll see. And I have another friend who wants to me to run a half marathon with her in January . . . not sure how I feel about that (the running, not the invitation to run). I definitely want to run another soon–and I’m definitely more obsessed than ever with running. Good stuff.

ALSO, The Engineer will be taking a yoga class with me when it starts up again at the local college in January. SO EXCITED!


p.s. Have you signed up for Lora’s fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy relief yet? It’s not too late! The fundraiser is almost at its goal of $1000. Tell your friends!


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