Weekly Recap

Total mileage: 9 (pretty pathetic, eh?)

This week’s runs were okay. I ran 3 miles on Tuesday and 6 on Saturday. Tuesday’s run was decent until about mile 2, when my foot started aching . . . really aching. So I hobbled through the last mile or so and called it quits. Sigh.

Then I was going to run on Thursday, but I had a migraine. Not fun.

And yesterday’s 6-miler was pretty good. I ran the first 2.5 with The Husband (to his turnaround point) and continued for another half mile before I turned around. I slowed down considerably after TH left. My foot hurt a bit, but it was a lot better after I slowed down. I took some Sport Beans at mile 3, which gave me some energy. The fruit punch flavor is pretty good. I’ll see how they are for longer runs–if I ever run long anytime soon.

Anyway, unless something miraculous happens, I’ll be taking the (really) slow and steady route for my half marathon in 27 days! A bit scared about that. If I don’t see any improvement, though, I might downgrade to the 5k, but we’ll see.


What’s your favorite fuel for long runs?

Have you ever felt extremely undertrained for a race? What did you do on race day?


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