My foot didn’t fall off!

. . . which is always a good feeling. I was able to run 5k today with only minimal pain! It’s really exciting! The PT started ASTYM on my plantar fascia  (the connective tissue on the sole of the foot) yesterday, and I think it’s working. And since it’s working so well, I’m thinking that I’ve just had a bad bout of plantar fasciitis. Not fun. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to finish my half marathon that’s in 24 days. No big deal, albeit slightly terrifying. I don’t have any goals other than to finish. I’ll do better in the half I’ll run after this one. I’m already planning on it. Now the question is: which half should I run next?

Anyway, I took a picture that I was going to post, but I didn’t have my memory card in my camera. Fail. I’ll show you my new bright neon yellow running top some other time. It’s super obnoxious, but at least I won’t get hit by cars.


Do you have any particularly bright running clothes?

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