An Update

Sorry I didn’t post on Saturday. I really didn’t do much last week because I was really involved in a wedding, and one of my best friends was in town for a few days. We had fun, but I didn’t run much. I did manage, however, to get some workouts in on Monday and Tuesday.

Total distance: 3.38 miles (according to

Shortest distance: 1.05 miles

Longest distance: 2.3 miles

Best pace: 11:2 min/mi

Worst pace: 11:55 min/mi

I also did a Zumba Tone workout on Monday. It was a bit tiring to do a run and another cardio workout in the same day.

This week will be interesting too. I have to get some mileage under my belt if I am to actually run decently in my 5k next weekend. I’m not worried about PRing or anything–I just want the satisfaction of finishing one of my many races this year. šŸ™‚

I did another Zumba class today. It was really fun and quite the challenge after not doing much last week. At least it’s helping me get into better shape. I want to see if I can get 10 miles in this week. We’ll see. I might be back to square one, but hopefully I will improve.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get a new pair of running shoes soon. I have to get a gait analysis and be fitted. My current shoes are fine, but I don’t think they’re the best for my feet. I’ll keep you posted on those. Maybe I’ll get a fun color. I also need to get some running capris or something. It’s really hard wearing basketball shorts on a run, even if it’s a short one. I really like these from Most of the time I can’t justify spending that much on workout clothes, but I’m guessing proper outfitting improves performance.

Well, I’m just rambling, so I’d better call it a night.

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