Rex Lee Run, 30:46


May: Race for Red 5k, 33:10

June: American Fork Canyon 5k, 33:20

July: Freedom Run 5k, 32:58.96
Pioneer Day Fun Run, 31:18.47

September: River Heights Post High ~4.25K (2.65M), 28:00 (It was supposed to be a 5k, but they didn’t measure the course correctly.)

October: Cougar Run, 39:xx (I ran this with a couple friends and ended up running about 3.5 or so miles.)


 June: Art City Days 5k, 33:57

July: Freedom 5k, 35:09 (Nope. Not in shape for 5ks.)

October: Provo Halloween Half Marathon, 2:22:57 (PR; yep)

December: Winter Sun 10k, 1:01:36 (PR) (I love 10Ks!)


February: Hale Freezes Over 5k, 32:05

April: Earth Day 10k, 1:03:54

Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon, 2:26:22

June: Nestle Fun Run (Art City Days 5k), 31:30 gun time (29:51 Garmin–unofficial PR)

July: Freedom Run 10k, 1:07:39

Hobbler Half Marathon, 2:29:30

August 3: Color Run Sacramento (untimed)


June: Art City Days 5k, 32:10

July: Freedom Run 10k, 1:09:30

Park City Trail Series 10k, 1:30:00.3 (first trail race; loved it but twisted my ankle twice)

August: Disneyland 10k, 1:13:15 (and twisted my ankle again two weeks before . . . that’s 3 times in two months)


January: Frigid 5k, 31:35

February: Chasing Cupid 5k, 30:45

March: Rex Lee Run 5k, 29:58 (official PR)


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