Week in Review: January 19-25, 2015

I’m linking up with Jesica at rUnladylike for her week-in-review link-up. I think I did a good job with workouts this week. And it definitely helps to be doing the #SweatPink #NoExcuses Challenge for a bit extra every day.

Workouts in Review

I’m bound and determined not to get injured this year, so I’m mixing it up a ton for workouts. I’m still building up my mileage slowly so I’ll be able to conquer the half marathon in May. Thursday would’ve been another pump class, but I was feeling a little strain in my leg, so I “ellipticized” instead.

Week in Review 1/19-25 | FrenchFryRunner.com


Here’s the rundown for the week:

Monday: 25 minutes incline elliptical, 2-min plank, mountain climbers, BOSU squats, walking some laps

Incline elliptical
Don’t let this innocent-looking machine fool you. This is a killer workout!

Tuesday: 1-hour pump class; extra plank (1:30), squats, 20 push-ups


Wednesday: Run 2.96 miles; strength: plank 100 crunches, 100 jump rope, 20 push-ups

Thursday: Elliptical 30 minutes

Friday: Swim ~400 yards; elliptical 48 minutes

Saturday: Run 3.6 miles

Sunday: Rest

What I’m Most Proud Of

Even though I wasn’t feelin’ it on Thursday, I still managed to workout a bit. Sometimes that happens, and I just have to pick myself up and hit the gym anyway. I got six days of workouts in, and I’m feeling stronger.

Where I Fell Short

I really want to have more yoga in my life, so I need to make an effort. I didn’t go to any yoga classes this week, which was a bummer. My goal is to at least practice at home, even if it’s some before-bedtime

Thought for the Week Ahead

 “Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work” –Horace

Let’s work hard this week! Don’t forget to go over to Jesica’s blog and check out her post and other linked-up posts

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5 thoughts on “Week in Review: January 19-25, 2015”

  1. Good week of workouts indeed! I’ve been saying forever that I want to get into yoga and it always fall by the wayside! Hopefully this is the year. I think being more flexible would be a nice complement to running and hopefully aid in injury prevention.

  2. Congrats on a great week and getting 6 days in! Those days like your Thursday when we make it happen even when we don’t feel like it are so empowering! Thanks for linking up with me! Being accountabilibuddies with other runners is awesome! Good luck fitting in some more yoga. I hope you have a great week of training this week! Keep it up! xo

    1. Thank you! Thursday was a really rough day, but, as they say, you never regret a workout! I love having accountabilibuddies, and thank you so much for hosting the linkup. It’s an awesome idea. Good luck with your training too. We’re all in this together! (Cue the High School Musical music.) Cheers!

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