Happy New Year and a Recap

Tomorrow is a new day

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” I’ve always loved this quote by Anne Shirley in L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables–which, incidentally, is my favorite book. New Year’s is always a great time to sit back and evaluate the year and set goals for the new year, a year “with no mistakes in it.”

2015 Goals

My 2015 goals post will be online on Friday, so for now here are five lessons I learned or relearned in 2014:

  1. Sometimes jobs just aren’t worth it. In June I left a job that made me unnecessarily stressed out and just plain unhappy. I learned that if you’re in a job or situation that brings you down and is something that you constantly dread, just get out of it. Find something that truly makes you happy.
  2. Traveling is worth the expense. I traveled a lot this year, including my first trip to Europe. The experiences I had will stay with me forever, and that’s priceless.
  3. Always try new things. From running my first trail race to bodyboarding in North Carolina to eating Turkish food in Germany, I’ve tried a lot of new things this year, which has certainly kept the year exciting. Embrace the new, and perhaps you’ll find a new favorite (döner kebabs, I’m looking at you).
  4. Sometimes fitness goals just don’t work out–and that’s okay! I wanted to run a marathon this year, and that didn’t happen due to injury. I know that if I would’ve tried to train and run one, it would’ve ended badly. I need to be smarter in 2015, build a better base, etc. I was able to run some great races, though, and that’s fine with me.
  5. Family and friends are more important than anything. This is a no-brainer. Once again I learned how awesome my friends and family are. They are always there for me and love me for my quirks–and I have a lot. I’m really blessed in this department.

So, there you have it. Five lessons from 2014. I hope this next year is even better for you and me both!

Be awesome in 2015!

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