Hurts so good.

First of all, I have to say something. Ladies: Please wear a good sports bra to the gym. No one wants to see any unnecessary bouncing. Throw away that old bra that you wore in high school and grab something cute from Moving Comfort, Enell, Champion or even Target. You’ll spend a little more, but, hey, you’ll save us all from some horror. I know how much it hurts if the girls aren’t reined in. You’ll be much happier.

Anyway, moving on.

I went to Pilates last night and was not surprised to find out that my legs are in awesome shape, my arms are puny pieces of spaghetti, and my core needs work. Today I’m enjoying some stiffness and soreness in some muscles that I’m sure will be awesome-looking after about 20 more sessions. So what I’m saying is that it hurts so good. I’m glad to feel that my body’s getting stronger, and I’m excited to see the results after a few months.

What are some exercises that hurt so good for you?


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