Weekly Recap: November 26-December 1

I got a few great runs in this week! Much better than the nearly two weeks I went with only running 6 miles altogether.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4.5 miles

This was the first run I did after getting back from California (I promise I’ll write about the trip soon). My legs pretty much felt like lead, and I just felt out of shape. I guess that’s what only 2 3-mile runs in two weeks will do to you. 🙂

Wednesday: Off

Yeah, I really need to start cross training on my days off. I can’t wait for my Zumba and yoga classes to start up in January.

Thursday: 4.7 miles

This was a great run with one of my BRFs (that’s “best running friend” for those of you who haven’t heard that term yet). We ran at a comfortable pace and sprinted the final bit of the run. It was fun. We were gearing up for the 10K we ran on Saturday.

Friday: Off + physical therapy

Yeah, so I really do have plantar fasciitis, and there’s bunch of scar tissue on the insertion point of the fascia into my heel–hence the shooting pain occasionally. Enter, yet again, the need to do more strength and cross training.

Saturday: Winter Sun 10K in Moab, UT. (6.2 miles) Great race (recap to come soon). I ran this race with a few of my coworkers (we call ourselves the Blister Sisters) and had a blast. There was a killer hill at the beginning of the race that really almost killed us, but we pushed through it. I finished in 1:01:36 (apparently the official time, but according to good ol’ Garmin, it was a few seconds faster).  I really can’t believe I ran that fast. The next goal is sub 1 hour.


Total for the week: 15.42

How were your races this weekend?


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