Time? What’s that?


Oh, I know. It’s something that some people actually have. And I’m not one of those people. Right now, I’m trying to cram about a week’s worth of work into like 3 days–not an easy task, especially not for a perfectionist like me. Sigh. It will get better. It always does, right? Right? Anyway, because late hours at work mean that I’ve already been on my computer for like 12-13 hours today, here are my thoughts–bullet point style. 🙂

  •  Yesterday I ran 3 miles in 30ish-degree weather. Boy, was it frigid. I regretted not having gloves or something covering my ears. But a run is a run. At least I did it. 🙂 And I ran with one of my coworkers who’s awesome and hitting great running goals.
  • I’m planning on running an unofficial 10k on Friday for my Virtual Run for Sandy Recovery. It’ll be good.
  • I’m really liking Twitter. I just recently got an account and, let’s be honest, don’t know how everything works, but I think I might like it more than Facebook (gasp). So if you don’t already, follow me. I’m @FrenchFryRunner. Let’s be friends!
  • I went to bed at 9:45 on Monday. Score.
  • A few online stores are having great sales.


Do you like Twitter?

What’s your favorite running shoe?