Saturdays are fun!

Great run on a gorgeous Saturday!

Well, at least this past Saturday was. Not only did I get to run 4 fast (for me) miles, but we also gathered up a bunch of stuff to take to our local donation center. Running and organizing for the win!

Anyway, about the run . . . My foot is feeling so much better than it did at the beginning of this injury that I was able to push the pace. My foot, of course, let me know it’s still healing, but I’ve recovered, and it feels great (not 100% but getting there). Did I mention that it was gorgeous outside on Saturday morning? Well, it was. It was nice and cool and a little cloudy–perfect running weather. I’m so excited for fall running–even though it’s going to start getting really cold in my neck of the woods.

Look! Snow!

AND my half marathon is in TWELVE days! Getting more nervous! One 10-miler to go and then less running next week to gear up for the race. Oh, and I should probably get to work on my tubular TMNT costume. And, yes, I will post pictures.

Do you like fall running? Running any costume races?



Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. It’s been crazy at work! I’m an editor, and this was a books-to-press week, so it’s been really stressful. AND it’s really hard to get motivated to get on my personal computer when I’ve just spent 8 to 10 hours on mine at work. Oh well. Things should get better soon.

In other news . . . I ran NINE miles today, which is officially the longest I’ve ever run. I feel really tired now, but  I’m glad I did it. And I ran 6 with one of my friends/coworkers, which was awesome. Another coworker/friend joined us at around 3. I love running with people. It makes the time fly. This run brings my weekly total to 12 miles. I’ll probably run 4 this weekend and round it out at 15. Hmm . . . maybe I won’t die during my half marathon. Only 16 days. Eek.