Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. It’s been crazy at work! I’m an editor, and this was a books-to-press week, so it’s been really stressful. AND it’s really hard to get motivated to get on my personal computer when I’ve just spent 8 to 10 hours on mine at work. Oh well. Things should get better soon.

In other news . . . I ran NINE miles today, which is officially the longest I’ve ever run. I feel really tired now, but  I’m glad I did it. And I ran 6 with one of my friends/coworkers, which was awesome. Another coworker/friend joined us at around 3. I love running with people. It makes the time fly. This run brings my weekly total to 12 miles. I’ll probably run 4 this weekend and round it out at 15. Hmm . . . maybe I won’t die during my half marathon. Only 16 days. Eek.


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