Thoughtful Thursday: Mere Mortals

Hard Work |


No, we don’t have superpowers. No, most of us aren’t elite athletes. No, most things in life are not given to us. We have to work hard to get ahead in life, in running/fitness–in all our endeavors. Let’s work at our goals, and, little by little, we’ll be rewarded.

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If you did have a superpower, what would it be?

Who’s your favorite superhero?

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Thoughtful Thursday: Tenacity

Thoughtful Thursday: Tenacity |


That first step is always the hardest, isn’t it? Here’s what we need to do: set a goal, make a plan, and then just go for it and keep at it. No one is stopping us but us, right? Be tenacious, m’dears!

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How are your 2015 goals going?

What’s your favorite candy? (Just curious. Mine’s dark chocolate peanut M&M’s.)

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Thoughtful Thursday: Hard Work

Work hard!

This quote really resonates with me. When we don’t work hard toward our goals, we will always come up short, but when we do work hard, we’ll find loads of success. I already am seeing and feeling the results of the goals I set this year, and I know that the harder I work to achieve them, the more success I’ll have and the happier I’ll be.

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How will you achieve your goals this year?

Do you feel lucky?

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