The New Look

Sorry about all the theme-switching fun that’s been happening on French Fry Runner. I’m working on making the site more indicative of me and my personality and interests. I’ve decided that instead of strictly posting on health and fitness, I’m molding the blog into a reflection of my true passions. Of course health and fitness (running, yoga, and the like) are still going to be featured prominently on the blog, but I was feeling like posting was becoming more of a chore. And, I don’t know about you, but straight-up race recaps and weekly workouts weren’t working for me. Let’s face it, the blog was getting stale, and I wasn’t enjoying posting on here–at all.

See, I do not have a type-A personality, so sticking to any type of schedule or remembering to post a weekly recap every week just doesn’t cut it. And I was really feeling like I was going through the motions and was trying to copy other more successful bloggers. In its essence, that’s not a bad thing, but I don’t want to just be like other fitness bloggers; I just want to be me. Therefore, I’ve decided to make the blog more “me”–and post about travel and life and food and fitness.

This will work out better for you, dear readers, because you’ll get better content, better photos, better everything. I will be trying to stick to a regular posting schedule, but if I don’t have quality content, I won’t post. I’m trying to step it up a notch, so there will be some adjusting to do. I’m also still working on the layout and look of the blog, so bear with me as we update everything!


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