I’m Obsessed . . . with Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bars

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I LOVE Chocolate Peppermint Stick LUNA Bars. They are the most delicious nutrition bars I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot). I discovered this flavor over the holidays, and I hope they stay around for a really long time.

I’m always a little apprehensive about nutrition bars. Sometimes they’re decent, and sometimes they’re not. I can’t eat a ton before races, so I normally grab a CLIF bar (which I think are pretty good) or some random thing I thought I’d try in my search for a good bar and choke it down. So when I saw this flavor on the shelf, I thought, “Okay, I love chocolate and peppermint together (hello, peppermint hot chocolate!), so I’ll give this a shot.” Fully expecting to be disappointed, as I often am with bars like these, I was surprised how good this little 180-calorie bar was. It’s no Snickers, but if I had to eat one of these every day, I wouldn’t mind. In fact, I stock up anytime I see them. They are 70% organic and have what LUNA (affiliate of CLIF) calls the “Core 4”: calcium, vitamin D, iron, and folic acid–4 important nutrients that every woman needs.

The texture is good, and the flavor is perfect–just enough chocolatey-peppermint goodness without tasting fake.

Bottom line: If you like LUNA bars, try this flavor. If you like chocolate and peppermint, try this flavor. If you’re looking for a nutrition bar that’s tasty, try this flavor . . .

Hopefully I’ve conveyed my love for these bars enough. If not, feel free to email me so I can try to convince you.



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