For Boston

pray for BostonToday I ran for Boston. I really can’t add much to what has been said about this tragedy, but as I ran through my neighborhood today, I thought about all those affected. I thought about how evil is rampant in the world and how some people will always try to destroy the good.

But I also thought about how this incident has increased my faith in the greater good of our nation, even in humanity. Sure, some would like nothing better than to destroy innocence and crush our dreams, but, as it has always been in times of tragedy, heroes emerge, people lift each other up, and determination and love are manifest. Someone or some group can try to destroy all that is good, but they will never do it. As long as we have good in the world, evil cannot prevail.

Today I ran for Boston, and I will always run with hope and determination that we cannot be beaten, and, if we are knocked down, we will always rise again.

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