The Search: Smashburger

The search continues . . .

The search for the best fries on the planet continues with . . .  Smashburger. Smashburger offers a few choices for fries: regular, sweet potato, and the “Smash” variety of each–which means they are drizzled with olive oil and rosemary. I’ve had the regular, smash regular, and sweet potato.

We went to Smashburger last night and had the normal sweet potato fries (and I had goat cheese on my burger–try it! It’s super good!). They’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and have a good texture. While they’re good, they’re not amazing (which they have to be for the honor of “best fries on the planet”).  They’re just your average sweet potato fries, and I’ve had better elsewhere.

Bottom line: Good, not great. But that won’t stop me from ordering them the next time we go to Smashburger.

Sweet potato fries

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