Back from Californ-i-a

Golden Gate Bridge (source)

Well, we just got back from a glorious week of vacation in California. We went to visit family for Thanksgiving and had a blast! There was fun stuff happening all the time, and it felt so good to just relax. You have no idea how much I needed a break.

How many miles did I run? Well . . . 3. But I’m totally fine with that. I’m not really training for anything. I’ll be running a 10K this Saturday with some coworkers/friends, which should be fun. We’ll see. Then it’s back to ramping up mileage and incorporating cross training so I can be totally healthy for my next half, which I’m planning for March. Woot.

Anyway, an abbreviated vacation recap is coming, but I thought I’d check in and let ya’ll know I’m not dead.

Did you get any good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals? I certainly did, but I can’t reveal them since the Engineer reads the bloggity.

Anyone run a turkey trot? Almost, but I got lazy. Oh well.


p.s. Join Active GearUp and get great deals on workout gear. Right now, they’re having a sale on ProCompression socks for $24.95. Killer deal. I’m really liking the purple.

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